Caraudio in the trunk? Here is how you can prepare your project

Caraudio in the trunk? Here is how you can prepare your project

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Are you dreaming of a sound system that meets all your expectations? We have prepared this article with you in mind; we will present the most important points of caraudio and guide you step by step to the goal of a complete audio system.


Since this project will be carried out in the trunk, the first step is to take detailed measurements. This will help us find out how much space we can allocate for audio equipment and what components we can afford. In case of larger body types such as station wagon or sedan – you should not encounter any obstacles. However, if you plan to use the trunk space of your coupé, you will need to skilfully arrange the space in order to obtain the best possible resonance

A set of speakers

Having figured out what space you have, you can move on to the next step; the scale of the project. Before choosing your speakers, it’s a good idea to determine how much power you need – this will be a key component in the next steps. Remember, however, that size does not always matter and translates into sound quality, which is what it’s all about. There are different configurations of equipment, but the most popular is the 2.1 option, which is two speakers supported by a subwoofer – and this is what we will be dealing with. When choosing speakers, it’s a good idea to check the market for dedicated speakers for your car first. This way we will save time and money, but this solution does not allow for custom configurations.

What to pay attention to?

The diameter of the speaker diaphragm affects both the efficiency of the speakers and fitting to the given car model. During the search it is worth to pay attention to:

  • The effectiveness of the speakers expressed in dB/1W/1m – the higher, the greater the effectiveness of operation. In practice, this means that the audio system will need less power to generate a given sound pressure
  • Frequency response in Hz – the wider the bandwidth of a speaker, the better
  • Number of speakers – one speaker is far too few to achieve a satisfactory frequency range. It is recommended to choose at least two speakers – a midrange and a tweeter

By following the above guidelines, you will be able to distinguish the wheat from the chaff at a basic level


Adding a separate woofer is one of the most effective ways to improve sound quality and frequency range. Subwoofers, by design, have a built-in amplifier that allows for more bass. This directly affects the music listening experience – often underestimated, bass tones play a key role in music. The most common and optimal option are active subwoofers. The key parameter here will be the ability to emit sounds in the range of 20-150 Hz. And when it comes to power – be guided by the size of the available space. The smaller the trunk, the less power you will need

Safe mounting

Time for the last step. If you’ve decided to go with factory speaker mounts, then replacing them should not be a problem (especially with dedicated speakers). The only item that will require more work is the subwoofer located in the trunk. On the other hand, if you plan to put separate speakers in the trunk space, the matter clarifies differently. Before discussing the different options, let’s deal with safety and preparation for installation.


Each audio system requires additional protection in the form of a fuse placed a short distance from the battery positive terminal. The consequences of bypassing this solution can be serious – including burning down the car’s electrical system. This is an expense of several dozen PLN.


Another issue is the selection of wiring with the correct cross-section of power and ground cable, which will provide the right amount of current from the battery. If the diameter of the cables turns out to be too small, sound quality will suffer. For medium power amplifiers, a cable diameter of 20 mm should suffice. More powerful installations require a cable diameter of ~50 mm


If mounting only a subwoofer, you will need to attach specialized straps or bolts to hold the component in place while driving. When it comes to additional speakers in the trunk, you’ll need to get the appropriate racks that will allow the speakers to fit tightly to the structure, allowing the audio system to reach its full potential.


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