Pickup truck hybrid version – is there a chance it will be built?

Pickup truck hybrid version – is there a chance it will be built?

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Pickups have been very popular for a long time. However, it’s hard to find a car on the market today that has as little to do with the environment as they do

They’re fairly sizable vehicles that usually feature modern looks and interiors, but a hybrid version can’t be found on the market. Will that change, though? Is there a chance that an eco-friendly version of such a car will appear soon? Find out together with us!

Will a pickup truck in hybrid version be available?

This question arises more and more often in the minds of automotive fans, especially those who love pickups. It is worth knowing that until recently there was no chance of that and none of the manufacturers of these unique vehicles had plans to create a hybrid version

However, now a lot has changed. One of the manufacturers wants to create a new version of the Ford F-150, which will be distinguished not only by a hybrid engine, but also by a huge range. The plans for this car are huge, and fans of the first version are eagerly waiting for it. So let’s find out what will distinguish this car. Is only the engine changed? Will the manufacturer decide to introduce many other changes?

What will distinguish Ford F-150 pickup in its new version?

Ford F-150 – this is what we are talking about – is supposed to become a hybrid car that not only takes care of the passengers’ comfort and provides great driving experience, but also takes care of ecology. It is worth noting that this is one of the best-selling cars around the world. It is set to undergo changes that will make it a nod to the environment

The new model is to be powered by an electric motor. In addition, its interior is to be able to connect wirelessly to a cell phone. This will significantly increase driver and passenger comfort. Another change that is to be applied in this car is the introduction of automatic driving, thanks to which the driver will be able to allow himself more relaxation and rest even on a long route.

How will it look like? The manufacturer announces that an electric motor will be added to the V6 engine that the vehicle is currently equipped with, which is expected to reach up to 47 horsepower. According to its manufacturer, the range of the engine on a single charge is 1120 kilometers. Unfortunately, we still have to wait a bit for this unusual pickup model. The premiere is getting closer and closer – it is scheduled for 2021. Currently, however, you can buy the vehicle in the traditional version, in which it delights and makes you can not take your eyes off it. It is already a modern and classy car. We are looking forward to the new generation.

Is it worth opting for a pickup truck in the eco-friendly version?

You are wondering whether it is worth it to opt for a pickup truck in the hybrid version. It is worth knowing that from simple calculations it comes out that the new car will burn about 10 liters per 100 kilometers. However, these figures can be updated, because the official test results have not yet been released by the manufacturer itself. If you want to take care of ecology, and at the same time you want to have in your garage a vehicle that will look captivating and drive perfectly on any surface, then it is worth waiting for the release of the renewed version of Ford F-150.

The release is still a long way off, and already more and more people are getting interested in this car. More and more car manufacturers are going green and deciding to produce cars with electric motors. Hybrid engines reduce emissions into the air, so they care not only about the environment, but also our health. It is worth to remember about that while choosing the next vehicle.

(photo: pixabay.com)

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