Chinese touring motorcycles – is it worth it?

Chinese touring motorcycles – is it worth it?

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Manufacturers of touring motorcycles in the world are really many. We primarily bet on unicycles from well-known, well-respected suppliers.

But what if we tell you that these cheaper versions of Chinese brands are also worthy of attention? Without a doubt, this will be a good option if you simply can’t afford a more expensive unicycle. However, which Chinese adventure motorcycle should you bet on?

Chinese adventure Zongshen RX6 Cyclone

Norton, even before the 2020 crash, decided to sell licenses to Chinese manufacturer Zongshen for the two-cylinder engine that was originally supposed to go into the Atlas model. Unfortunately, the British did not take advantage of this opportunity, unlike the Asians. It was in 2017, when rumors surfaced that the Chinese brand’s adventure design, the Cyclone RX6, could finally appear. It was a big event for the Middle Kingdom, the whole world did not yet know that the said model would make such a furore in the market.

The Zongshen RX6 Cyclone is a very interesting motorcycle, which has, among other things, a color display, Bosch-branded electronics, and a cornering ABS system. There is no lack of traction control, and the brakes themselves come from Nissan. The power output of the described model is exactly 84 kilometers, which is 14 more than that of the original. There’s no denying that the 650 cm³ engine capacity allows the user to have a pleasant ride. Of course, the key issue in this case is also the price. 

CFMoto 1250 TR-G with KTM engine

Another extremely interesting example of a Chinese touring motorcycle is the CFMoto 1250 TR-G, which, as it turns out, received an engine from KTM. And contrary to stereotypes, this is not a small-capacity, market-quality machine. The design in this case also fights against the common assumption that what is Chinese is not interesting enough.

The main advantages of the described model? Without a doubt, the aforementioned KTM 1290 Adventure engine, whose maximum displacement is 1278 cm³, power is in turn 140 horsepower, and torque is 120 Nm.

The Chinese have relied on components from reputable companies, and we’re not just talking about the drive unit. A 12.3-inch TFT display, JBl-branded speakers, exceptional USD suspension with BREMBO brakes or extremely effective LED lights are examples that speak to ensure a positive impression even before buying this motorcycle.

CFMoto MT800 – the weaker brother of its predecessor

This time also CFMoto, but the MT800 model, which is also equipped with a KTM engine. Smaller, lighter, at the same time less built-up, the vehicle is sure to appeal to all fanatics of riding on unpaved trails, who still want to ride comfortably on the street. In this case, the maximum power of this model is 95 horsepower, torque is 88Nm. With its appearance, the described MT800 does not differ significantly from the production of reputable manufacturers. It has an engine cover, additional lights, large trunks that allow you to transport luggage or a hand guard. So everything is in its place, and at an extremely competitive price. In our opinion, it’s the perfect motorcycle for a person who is looking for a more powerful adventure type unicycle at a still low cost.

main photo: Discenza

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