How to increase engine power non-invasively and at low cost?

How to increase engine power non-invasively and at low cost?

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For fans of cars and fast driving, one of the important parameters is engine power. Many people decide to increase it in order to enjoy better performance on the road

However, it is worth knowing how to do it correctly and at the same time not spend all your savings. Is it possible to increase engine power at low cost?

Car engine – what is worth knowing when changing its power?

The heart of every car is the engine. It is responsible for the operation of the drivetrain. Thanks to it the car can move on the road. It is worth knowing that one of the most important parts of each engine are pistons. They usually move up and down. It is thanks to this part that the whole engine can work properly. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that they are in good working order. Only then is it possible to proceed to modifying the parameters and increasing the power of the engine.

Engine power – what is worth knowing when overclocking it?

Engine power can be described in two ways. The first is reserved for more experienced people who are well acquainted with motorization. It is the product of the torque value and the rpm at which the value occurs.

For less experienced people it is the derivative of torque and speed. It is worth knowing what this term is and what it stands for, so that you are aware of how to go about overclocking the power.

How to increase engine power – the best ways

There are three simple ways to non-invasively overclock engine power. Here they are:

  1. Change the fuel for better

When looking for cheap and non-invasive ways, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the fuel you’re filling up. Fuel quality matters and has a big impact on engine performance. Nowadays, you can opt for fuel that cleans the interior of the engine, the fuel system and the fuel injectors. In its composition there are refining additives that translate into better valve operation. The fuel unit that runs on such fuel works more efficiently and its life is extended

  1. Changing the settings of the exhaust system

Another way is to change the settings in the exhaust system. It is worth starting with changing the manifold. The best choice is the one made of steel, which has a polished and smooth inner surface. This will lead to an increase in engine power, especially in the rev range. Such a change will make the exhaust gases leave the engine more efficiently, and thus its power will be turned up

  1. Cleaning the intake manifolds

The last way is to clean the intake manifolds. For this will work perfectly sprays that are able to remove even problematic dirt. Recommended are EGR preparations, which are adapted to this type of surface. However, if you are looking for cheaper products, you can opt for home fireplace cleaners. Some recommend engine wash fluids. However, the most important thing is that the product dissolves and thoroughly removes greasy dirt. It is worth remembering that cleaning concealers that are stripped is easier

Dirt that collects in the intake manifolds means that engine performance and power can decrease. However, by regularly cleaning this part of the car, you can bring the power back to stock

How much does it cost to increase engine power in a car?

It is worth knowing that the price of raising the power of the engine depends on what method this process is performed. A cheap way is to change the fuel. The price for such an improvement is about 50-90 cents per liter. Cleaning the exhaust manifolds is also not expensive. Just buy a specialized preparation, the price of which should not exceed 100 zlotys.

With each of the above examples you can achieve satisfactory results.


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