Is hydrogen poised to become the fuel of the future?

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The price of automotive propellant, as well as its dwindling supply, is causing more and more people to think about how it can be replaced.

At one time, hydrogen was very popular. According to some, it could become the fuel of the future. But is it really possible?

Where can hydrogen be found?

Among other things, it is present in water, as well as acids, bases and organic compounds of various kinds. Not many people realize it, but hydrogen is one of the most recognizable and widespread elements.

What is worth knowing about it? It is colorless and odorless. It is a tasteless gas. Its boiling point is -253 degrees Celsius. It solidifies at -295 degrees Celsius.

Hydrogen to power cars – what should you know?

Hydrogen must be converted to make it usable. There are two ways to do this. The first is to create this element in the process of methane reforming. For this, steam is required

However, the most popular method for making hydrogen is natural gas reforming, water electrolysis or other biological methods. Coal and coke gasification are also popular.

Hydrogen in transportation

It may seem that the idea of using hydrogen as a diesel fuel in cars was invented fairly recently. However, the truth is that the idea and work on it began in the 1990s. During this time, it was established that hydrogen can be used to power a car in two ways

First, in the engine compartment for combustion as fuel. The second way is to use it in the operation of fuel cells and create energy to power electric cars.

Hydrogen as a fuel of the future

It is worth knowing that currently there are cars that can be powered in this way. However, there are few of them and their prices are really high. However, it is estimated that in the coming years the number of such vehicles will significantly increase and they will become as popular as those powered by gas or oil

At the moment, work on such cars is still in progress, so you should be patient. But according to some, hydrogen may become one of the ways to power car engines in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.


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