Innovative exhaust systems – see our suggestions

Innovative exhaust systems – see our suggestions

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What innovative exhaust systems are we dealing with in 2020? The market does not stand still at all – new, interesting proposals are constantly appearing.

The exhaust system is of great importance for the vehicle

Although the modification of the exhaust system is mainly associated with the short path to improve the sound of the vehicle and make an impression on the street, the function of this system is extremely important for other reasons as well. It is a major determinant of sound comfort inside the cabin, as well as outside it. For years, we can observe two main trends in the market – some manufacturers go in the direction of the quietest exhaust systems, while another group goes in the direction of the loudest, “predatory” silencers. But these are not the only possibilities. What else can a properly chosen exhaust offer us?

Ecological driving and the exhaust system

This is a system that constantly has to deal with particles created in the engine by burning fuel. Therefore, the filtration of harmful compounds is crucial. Exhaust systems are designed to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water vapor. At first glance, this may seem to defy logic – after all, carbon dioxide is associated with the climate crisis and is responsible for a good portion of greenhouse gases. However, we have to go back to the connection that appears earlier in the operation of the power unit – carbon monoxide, or Chad, pose a much greater threat to our health.

Such an important role gives room for the implementation of advanced mechanisms. Among the tasks of the exhaust system is to reduce the entry of highly harmful compounds into the atmosphere. Their presence is not a small threat, which in modern times is becoming increasingly important and comes to the forefront of the problems of the twenty-first century. Can we adjust the exhaust so that the car does not emit any harmful substances?

Filters help, but not enough

Elements such as the diesel particulate filter (DPF) used in systems are designed to both extend the life and reduce the negative impact on the atmosphere. However, land transport is so environmentally damaging that it is not worthwhile for manufacturers to develop more advanced exhaust systems that do more to reduceCO2.

Automotive companies realize that in the future – basically by 2050 – harmful emissions will be significantly reduced. This means that the powertrains in passenger vehicles will also change. We can already see a rapidly growing number of cars running on electric current. This can either be stored in dedicated batteries or generated in the engine itself if, for example, hydrogen is used as a propellant.

However, the impending end of the combustion vehicle era means that there is very little choice for innovation in this sector. There is a lack of manufacturers who have sufficient clout and ideas on how to optimize current drive systems instead of using other solutions. Clouds are gathering over the automotive industry – most manufacturers are well aware of this.

Exhaust systems – innovations for 2020

Despite the rise of alternatives in the automotive market, we can still see some trends when it comes to innovation. Currently, manufacturers are mainly focusing on the following aspects:

  • Eco-driving –CO2 reduction. This is the result of both growing climate awareness and regular emissions restrictions. In many cases, however, we can count on a reduction in emissions of just a few percent.
  • Driving sound – sport silencers offer a loud, aggressive and deep sound, while those designed for family cars are not supposed to sound at all. Suppression of exhaust noise in the case of passenger cars already works at a very high level – often in the cabin you can not hear the work of the exhaust at all.
  • Workmanship and size of components – this feature is a bit more technical. Modern exhaust systems take up little space, work very efficiently and are produced in ecological factories. The consumer doesn’t always pay attention to this, but in the B2B market it is an important topic.

Exhaust system proposals for 2020

In addition, we have prepared some interesting systems that are worth considering if you are thinking about buying the most innovative solution on the market.

For family cars – Eberspächer

Eberspächer is developing an exhaust system that aims to reduceCO2 emissions and eliminate cabin noise. The system uses active noise reduction technology, which is known for its use in modern headphones, among other things. Although the Austrian manufacturer is mainly associated with heating for cars, in recent years it has invested heavily in the development of innovative exhaust systems.

For drivers hungry for thrills – Baq Exhaust

This is a product line developed with professional driving in mind. The target customer group is racing car drivers who are eager to use the capabilities of Baq Exhaust. However, these are projects for a narrow group of interested parties – each system is created individually. Manual production is also used to ensure maximum effectiveness in every scenario.

There are also proposals for motorcycles – REMUS Polska

On the territory of our country also operates a manufacturer of exhaust systems for motorcycles – the REMUS company. Proposals of this brand are focused primarily on the longest possible operation. In their production, among other things, titanium is used, as well as numerous other durable materials. These systems are lightweight, with different levels of volume (depending on your preferences) and perfectly suited for tuning top motorcycles.


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