Automatic trunk opening system – advantages and disadvantages

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An increasing percentage of new cars boast an automatic trunk opening feature. At first glance, this may seem like a convenience or even a luxury, but in practice it’s not. We check out the biggest pros and cons of the automatic trunk opening system

Automatic trunk opening has become the norm, so much so that buyers of new cars expect this convenience as part of the basic equipment package. However, it is difficult to say whether this is purely the result of marketing influence or a genuine desire to make life easier. Certainly, the automatically opening trunk creates a “wow” effect for the uninitiated. Often, however, delight quickly turns into boredom or even irritation

Automatic trunk opening systems are nothing innovative. Premium segment cars have been offering this kind of functionality since the 1990s. While there is no denying that in certain situations the automatic trunk opening function is very useful, you will surely agree with us that hardly anyone uses it more than a few times a year. Usually during an annual vacation to the seaside or mountains

What makes the automotive giants so eager to “show off” the automatic trunk opening system in their commercials? It is extremely shocking, considering that current cars boast a number of innovative and life-saving technologies that are slowly becoming a standard in the world of popular motoring. The marketing people are silent on the subject, focusing on usually irrelevant issues such as “innovative contactless trunk opening and closing system, or “new eco-friendly windshield wiper material”

Pros and cons

When we buy a newer car, we can be sure that it will have a trunk opening system. This system is especially useful for larger families with children. Frequent transport of suitcases, barbecue, training outfits or balls is definitely easier when you do not have to wrestle with the trunk lid. In addition, an automatic trunk opening system is useful for shorter people or children who have difficulty opening and closing the trunk properly because of their height. This convenience is invaluable if you’re working as a cab driver or Uber driver. No more endless getting in and out of the car to open the glove box for a busy customer – especially in the winter, when such trips can negatively affect your health.

The biggest downside to the automatic trunk opening system is the annoyance caused by the slow opening of the trunk in situations that require much faster action. A potential malfunction could prevent access to your luggage. In the case of traffic accidents, a short circuit in such a system can be dangerous to bystanders, accident participants, or emergency services

What, in your opinion, is the biggest plus or minus of the automatic trunk opening system?


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