In-car ads the future of motoring?

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Just a few years ago no one would have expected that we would be bombarded with advertisements in the newest vehicles as well. This unpleasant procedure of automotive concerns is slowly becoming a trend on a global scale.

Czech Skoda decided to implement official tests related to the offer of ads published in multimedia systems. What’s more, the company announced introduction of this “service” on a permanent basis.

Skoda’s management wants the advertisements presented to be as practical and customer-oriented as possible. This means i.a. appearance of advertisements of petrol stations when the fuel tank indicator is dangerously close to zero.

According to Skoda – the ads will initially appear on Scala, Superb, Kamiq, Karoq and Kodiaq models. It is worth noting that the most popular models are not included in the list. This indicates a kind of “testing the ground” for future development.

What is important, so far it is not known whether the ads will be able to be turned off by themselves.

(Photo: Skoda)

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