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Power transmission systems are some of the most important parts in any car. It is worth knowing what upgrades and solutions have been introduced in modern vehicles.

What is the power train and what is it responsible for?

Power transmission systems are very important parts of each vehicle. They are responsible for propelling the vehicle. The system consists of flywheels, clutch, reducer, and transmission and driveshaft. Each of these parts affects how the vehicle moves and also has a specific task. They make driving safer, more enjoyable and simple

Today, modern and timeless transmission systems are distinguished. Two-wheelers may utilize rear, front, and also four-wheel systems. Three-axle vehicles may have 6 × 2 or 6 × 4 rear-drive systems, while four-axle cars may have 8 × 2 and 8 × 4 drive systems.

Modern transmission systems

It is important to know that technology in the automotive industry allows innovations to be introduced to the market to make vehicles operate more efficiently and become safer. Electric and hybrid transmission systems are becoming increasingly popular. Below, we’ll look at some examples and tell you more about them.

Hybrid drive systems

Nowadays more and more hybrid cars are appearing on the market and they are very popular. The most common transmission systems installed in them are full hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Which system is best, as well as its performance, depends on the drive unit and how the hybrid system is built.

Full hybrid systems

There is a distinction between series, parallel and mixed systems, where the first two are connected to each other. These types of systems make cars definitely better suited for longer distances. Modern hybrid systems improve the performance and economy of the drive train.

Plug-in system

This is a system that allows a hybrid car to cover longer distances. However, it is worth knowing that in this case, the weight of the car is increased, which can make its acceleration lower.

Innovative drivetrain systems you should know about

One of the modern transmission systems is installed in the Nissan Sway. This is a system that impresses in many ways. The electric motor is guaranteed to reach 700 horsepower. In this vehicle, the system has been stripped of the classic gearbox. This eliminates the disadvantages of traditional drives.

Modern transmission systems make moving a car not only safer, but also more pleasant. It is worth opting for a vehicle that is equipped with them.

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