A self-balancing electric monocycle? It can be done, but why?

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Alibaba’s production is immediately eye-catching, but it’s hard to find a more meaningful use for it. However, it’s certainly a great way to unwind after a hard day at work. How much do you have to pay for this electric wonder straight from China?

Although it is not a full-fledged motorcycle, it certainly would like to be one – which is proved by the wheels, typical for unicycles. The vehicle uses self-balancing gyroscope technology and it works great. Nevertheless, any amateur of self-balancing means of transport knows how easy it is to get rid of teeth in a few seconds

It is worth noting that the maximum speed of the monocycle is up to 48 km/h. How far will we go on a single charge of this electric vehicle? The range was estimated at 65-160 kilometers, but I encourage you to take this information with a pinch of salt

Interestingly, the price of this not very useful toy starts from 1850… dollars!

Below you will find a video showing the capabilities of the machine.

(Photo: Alibaba)

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