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Suspension adjustment – what should you know about it?

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Many drivers decide to tune their car. This is a way to improve the parameters of the car, affect its appearance and mild modernization.

One element of tuning is to change the suspension. Adjustable suspension is becoming more and more popular, so you can improve the appearance of the vehicle and its traction. Want to find out if this change is worthwhile and how it affects your vehicle? Then take a look at our guide, where we explain in detail the principle of replacement and the price you have to pay.

What results can be achieved by opting for adjustable suspension?

By choosing to install an adjustable suspension, you make it possible to adjust the height of the body. On the market there are advanced and modern mechanisms that allow you to adjust the stiffness of the suspension. Want to know what gives such a change?

It affects the traction of the car. By replacing the suspension with an adjustable one, the ground clearance is reduced, thus lowering the car’s center of gravity. This translates into improved traction for the car, thus increasing safety and comfort. The car can definitely better stick to the road on bends, which allows you to overcome them faster.

Replacing the suspension with an adjustable one contributes to improving the car’s handling. The wheels react much faster to the movement of the steering wheel. This is another aspect that affects safety while driving.

Does adjustable suspension affect the appearance of the car?

Is such a replacement able to improve the appearance of the car? Of course it does and that is why most people opt for adjustable suspension. Thanks to it the car is low seated. If wide rims and low-profile tires are installed, the car can really make a big impression. However, the combination of changes such as adjustable suspension, larger rims and low-profile tires has a negative impact on ride comfort.

How much does it cost to install an adjustable suspension?

It all depends on what type of suspension you choose. On the market, there are classic and cheapest adjustable suspensions, which can be purchased for 700 PLN. Unfortunately, the price is reflected in the quality and comfort of driving. It is better to opt for slightly more expensive, which are not so rigid. However, their price is from 900 to 2500 PLN for a set. Also offered are modern models that allow you to adjust the height of the suspension, and what’s more, are able to adjust the strength of the shock absorbers. Their price reaches up to more than 2500 zloty.

Replacing the suspension is not easy, so it is best to opt for help. You can give your car to a specialist, who will know how to do it correctly and safely. However, some people decide to replace it themselves. It is worth remembering that in this situation you may need the help of another person.

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