Technology. Is it worth investing in smart turn signals?

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When it comes to motorcycles, any potential traffic incident could involve loss of health or life. Therefore, it is extremely important to reduce the level of risk to a minimum. The latest technology – intelligent turn signals – can help.

Many times we can see situations in which traffic participants forget to turn off their turn signals and drive on the road, endangering not only themselves but also other drivers. In case of motorcycles, such behavior may end tragically. The driver, convinced of his right of priority, may drive straight into the front of a speeding motorcycle. How to avoid it?
There are two solutions. First, many modern motorcycles are equipped with automatically deactivating turn signals. Second, you can equip yourself with an auto-off module that will do the dirty work for you. And while installing this type of system can be cumbersome, smart turn signals will prove invaluable when you’re out on the road

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