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Belt cutter – is it worth having in the car?

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Seat belts protect from the effects of an accident, but can be a hindrance when pulling the injured from the wreckage. A special knife is used to cut them, and the fire department, among others, is equipped with it. But is it worth to carry it in the car?

This type of knife is extremely sharp and easily cuts the straps. We do not wish anyone to use it, but – we will answer quickly – it is worth to carry it in the car. If only for two reasons.

The city guard is not always able to quickly arrive on the scene. Sometimes it will be necessary to immediately release the injured from the car (for example, in the case of a gasoline leak). So as a witness to the accident, you can free any possible victims in no time.

The second issue is your own care for life. Mount the knife in a visible but safe place. If you yourself are the victim of an accident, bystanders will be able to pull you out of the car. It is not always possible, for example, to pull the seat belts away.

So add a belt cutter to the gadgets you should have in your car!

(Photo: pixabay.com)

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