Unusual wrenches you should have in your workshop

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To run your garage or do your own car repairs, you need to stock up on professional equipment and tools. One of the accessories that cannot be missing in the garage are wrenches. There are several types of them, and each of them has its specific purpose. Do you want to find out what unusual wrenches you will need to work on your car? Then check out our list.

Open-end wrenches

The basic wrenches that cannot be missing in the workshop are open-ended models. They are used to unscrew nuts and bolts. Nowadays, you can buy reversible wrenches, which are universal. Just a few years ago, you could buy models that had an eyelet only on one side. Their distinguishing feature is that they have a metal plate, which makes it possible to unscrew nuts and bolts of varying thickness. They can be used not only to unscrew, but also to tighten sockets with sufficient force.

Socket wrenches

This is another wrench that is worth buying. They are designed to loosen and tighten screws. Their characteristic feature is that they are equipped with sockets that have a hexagonal or twelve-sided hole. These types of wrenches are surprising in their appearance, because the shape resembles a screwdriver. When choosing such tools, it is worth opting for a universal set. There is a handle, to which you can fit sockets with holes of different sizes.

Allen wrenches

These are wrenches that have hexagonal holes. They are designed for screwing and unscrewing screws. When choosing this type of tools, it is worth paying attention to what grade they are. Recommended are those of the highest quality, which are made of chrome vanadium steel. The best models will be hardened throughout. Thanks to this, they will be distinguished by exceptional durability and will serve for many repairs.

Ring wrenches

These are the tools that are most commonly used when repairing fuel, brake or wiring systems. They can also be useful for making changes or repairs to gas and refrigeration systems in cars. Models made of steel that are additionally chrome-plated are recommended. The most popular are the wrenches that have the eyelets angled at ten degrees. The ones with a fifteen-degree angle are also recommended.

Star wrenches

These types of wrenches can be recognized by the fact that they have a distinctive hexagonal shape that resembles a star. Thanks to this shape, it is possible to achieve better torques than with an imbus. Models with a hole in the center are recommended. They are considered the most effective, and this is due to the fact that they provide additional security against uncontrolled manipulation.

It turns out that you should really have a lot of wrenches in your car workshop. Choose the highest quality ones and make car repairing for you not only possible, but also easy.

Main Photo: cottonbro/pexels.com

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